The America’s

Warriors First Program

Warriors First and Always

Incentive's to Utilize the America's Warriors First Program
  • RavenTek|FS does the heavy lifting of finding the qualified veterans for you.
  • Rapidly add Highly Motivated and driven veterans to your team.
  • Receive a reduced cost when utilizing this program.
  • The permanent placement fee will be reduced by 5%.
  • The Temp-to-Perm fees will be much lower.
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RavenTek|FS has been working with our nation’s top heroes for over 9 years. We have worked tirelessly to employ our Veterans and their spouses into technical and professional roles across our portfolio of federal and commercial contracts. Our background as veterans and experience placing veterans in high level positions has taught us the tremendous value American Warriors offer both private sector companies and federal agencies.

RavenTek|FS understands how the unique skills, qualities and perspectives gained from gained from serving in the military can transition to success in the professional sector. American Warriors can utilize their distinct past experience to help private sector and federal agencies excel. RAvenTek|FS can help you tap into this highly skilled workforce.

Our commitment to hiring Veterans led us to create the America’s Warriors First Program. The program provides our federal clients and commercial hiring managers to reach this elite and highly skilled workforce; it also increases the number of employed veterans and incentivizes companies and government agencies throughout the hiring process.

The America’s Warriors First Program analyzes the market conditions for talent with your organizations’ vision to seek out and carefully select qualified veteran candidates who will strengthen your organization and project. Utilizing our database of Veteran candidates, as well as working with local base transition assistance programs, non-profit Veteran organizations, state or federal Veteran work programs,  and leveraging our existing relationships within military leaders, we will match the top Veteran candidates to join your team and add value day one.

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